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تصميم رفيع المستوى

مجموعة صدى الفن للديكور تأسست في سورية عام ١٩٩٠. We are the leading companies in Interior Decoration and Architectural Engineering and refurbishing of palaces, residence, hotels, offices, showrooms, villas and etc. The process of establishing the group began with ECHO [AL SADA] DÉCOR in 1990.

The group enjoys a wide client mainly consisting of Members of Superior Family. In view of demands by the valuable clients of Echo [Al Sada] Décor to extend operations and service to the United Arab Emirates, it became imperative to initiate and include in the Group our associate company in Sharjah in the name of ECHO [AL SADA] DÉCOR CONTRACTING in the year 2002. While the company was initiated for the purpose of Designing & Assembling of Gypsum Work. Through our heartfelt dedication, expertise, and experience over this kind of work our business succeed. Within a span of years ECHO [AL SADA] DÉCOR CONT. started getting more business and projects, thereby creating a need for establishing a full fledge operation in the United Arab Emirates.

Then, we decided to establish a new branch of company under the name of ECHO ART DÉCOR CONTRACTING in Sharjah in the year 2005 for the purpose of Finishing, Interior Decorations, Decorative Paints, Gold Leaf, Wooden Finishes and Artistic Paints. Within the span of 3 years, Echo Art Décor Contracting started developing the interior design concept of doing the proper finishing by using the high quality materials and technical tools specially in the Classic Gypsum Design because we have our own models done by our skilled artist which gives us a potential to do high quality work by using our own mold and custom-made carving ornamented. After the Gypsum Work succeed, our skilled painters start doing the finishing with Artistic Paint, Gold Leaf, Wooden Finish, and Decorative Paint. We are an authorized applicator for the 2 leading companies for Special Paint in Italy [San Marco & Mas Paint].

And also, we decide to open a branch for the Wood Division under the name of ECHO ART CARPENTRY in Sharjah in the year 2008 which specialized in Doors and Wardrobes making, Wall Cladding and Hand carving in order to complete the work under our own company’s labor only to avoid problems and risk by dealing with other sub-contractors.