Build & Install

A manufacturing unit involved in production of high quality gypsum products such as columns, arches, gypsum fibrous ceiling, gypsum moldings and cornices, capitals and etc., after taking into consideration each and every details and requirements. Gypsum board systems are easy to install for several reasons. Our panels are relatively large compared to other materials. They come in 48- and 54-inch wide sheets and in lengths of 8, 10, or 12 feet, so they quickly cover large wall and ceiling areas. It was assemblies require only a few tools for their construction.

installations require careful planning: accurate measuring, cutting and fitting are very important. s with wallboard is best installed at right angles (perpendicular) to framing members as this orientation of the panels leaves fewer joints to finish. On long walls, horizontally attaching boards of the maximum practical length will minimize the number of butt joints and Avoid using damaged board.